Saturday 25 March 2017
At last!

At last she accepts the fact that they will never be together.

At last she accepts the fact that they were never meant to be.

At last she accepts the fact that she can do just fine without him.

At last she accepts the fact that she has been silly all these while.

At last she accepts the fact that he was just a silly dumb ass.

At last she accepts the fact that she can do better without him.


At last she believes in her self.

At last she believes she is capable of loving.

At last she believes in true love.

At last she believes in finding inner happiness.

At last she can raise her head and walk.

At last she has her self esteem.

At last she found self love.

At last she is happy.



Mutey’s worst day.

Worst day of her life.

It all began with the edu100 test that took place that morning. Like other tests, Mutey had stayed awake all night reading for the test. On getting to the hall, she decided to help her course mates with their ted101 test project. While helping him, the lecturer teaching edu100 came in. That was when she realized she wasn’t with foolscap sheet for the test. She couldn’t ask anyone as all her friends had spread all over the hall like virus.

She decided to use a 60leaves note book for the test. She had to sit in front, very close to the lecturer. And then the lecturer started dictating. 

“Where is the code of ethics derived from?” The lecturer’s voice boom over the hall. Mutey knew the answer but couldn’t recall it at the moment.

“Next question, professionally, who is a teacher?” The lecturer proceeded like he didn’t just ask a question few seconds before. Mutey had to leave space for the first question with the hope that she would go back for it. She quickly wrote down this one since she could remember it at the moment.

“Roles of the teachers” he continued. Mutey thought quickly and wrote all she knew immediately.

“….what year was this body formed?” He asked the last question and immediately came down to collect the answer sheets. Mutey who planned to go back yo the first question still couldn’t remember the answer.
“Kella, what’s the answer to the first question?” She asked her seatmate. Her seatmate however writes on and doesn’t answer her. The lecturer collects Mutey’s sheet before she could write something down there.

“Mutey, the answer is 1999 federal replublic of nigeria constitution 5th schedule part one, paragraph one to eleven.” Kella told her but it was too late. The lecturer had already collected Mutey’s answer sheet. She immediately felt sad and went home to sleep. She was weak and couldn’t even think straight.


Few hours later, Mutey had practical, physics practical. Examination practical. They didn’t call them in on time. They called them in fifty minutes after and asked them to join another group for the practical. The experiment given to them was something they had never done before. Mutey became confused and didn’t know what to do.

Few minutes later, they changed their experiment and joined another group. They were almost done when the invigilator came in and saw the attendance list still with them. 

“Why did you guys keep this attendance list with you? That’s minus five for you all in this group.” With that, he wrote “-5” on their group side and left. Mutey, still determined to do her exam, continued unbothered. She plotted the graph and only became worried when her slope was different from what the others got. She had to go back and start the graph from the beginning again and still didn’t get the answer. She was still working on it when the invigilator came and took their graph sheet away.

She left sad. Two test, and two failures. She felt broken inside. She got out of the lab and went home. She got home and met her two roommates but she was too sad and immediately started crying. Her roommates were able to console her and then she went out to get something.

She got a new screen glass and popcorn for herself while her sister got a new charger. She met her course mates and they had little chitchat before they proceeded back to the apartment. She got home and spoke with her mom and dad and ate her popcorn. Her neighbor asked her to escort her as she was going to warri. On getting to the gate, she wanted to greet someone else and she fell down causing bruises all over her body. She felt sad and embarased because a lot of people saw her fall down. 

She stood up and immediately ran back to her room. Took her bath and started crying 

“What wrong did I do to you, Thursday! You are officially my worst day and today, my first date. I won’t come back to you.” With that, Mutey went to bed with bruises all over her body and tears all over her pillow.

It was indeed a bad day for her.

Chapter two.

I walk into my literature class and sit down at my normal spot… By the window. I wait for the teacher and check if I’ve done all my assignments… Yeah, nerd much.

“Someone decided to stay with me for two weeks huh.” A male voice whispers into my ear sending shivers all over me. I turn just in time to see Aiden wink and walk to his seat. At the back.

Class seem annoyingly slow and boring. No mallory to cuss at the teachers silently and call me bitch. Scratch that thing, I never loved the word bitch.

I go for lunch and begin to miss mallory again until someone drags her seat…

I almost leap for joy that she didn’t go until I see the face.

“Aiden!” I scream or maybe whisper, I don’t know.

“Say my name babe,” I so want to erase that  look out of his face and I smile when I get the perfect idea.

Leaning closer to him, I stare at his lips and watch his face change.I lick my lips while staring at his and see him do the same.

 Slowly I close my eyes for a few seconds and open them back to see Aiden’s eyes shut and mouth slightly opened.

I start laughing and see his eyes open surprised that I didn’t kiss him. He starts  glaring and I continue laughing. Mission accomplished! Grin off his face.

He drops a book on the desk and leaves angry. Picking up the book, i see the title and shake my head.

* rules for staying with me* 

I roll my eyes… So he’s got rules for me. Typical Aiden.

1:. No coming out naked no matter what… Wtf! I won’t do that anyways…

2:. If you want to invite your bf, you better say it a week before he comes…… Well, since I don’t have a bf that won’t be a problem.

3:. No emotional shii whatsoever … You can’t kiss me!…. I feel my heart shatter… What was I thinking? He’ll love me because I’m staying at his place?
Then I see the portion for me to sign and I do.. After that I rush to look for him. He is kissing his girlfriend and my heart ache further. Dropping the book quietly as i  can, i tip toe out of their kissing zone. I wasn’t always lucky….I would break if a guy kissed me.

I decided to ditch the reminder of classes and go pack to leave the house.

I get home just as my parents are about planning to go. I hug them but refuse to see them off.

“.. Sure, they just left, nah, she’s going to Aiden’s, yeah…. Party on point. Bring those sexy bitches, yeah, sure, okay, I better get ready, bye.” I roll my eyes, Dylan is already planning a party. He couldn’t even let me go.

I turn to leave the room but Dylan holds me back. “Do you really want to go? Would you be comfortable there? Just stay and enjoy the party please!” He looks so, well I’ve got no word for him but he’s still talking about the party and I know what happens after parties… Sex.

“Dylan, I’ll be fine, just have your party. I’ll be fine.” I leave him and go up to my room packing clothes for two weeks. I’m still packing when I get a text from an unknown number.

**do you need help packing? I could help and drive you to my house you know,😏**

Immediately I  know who it is. A smile somehow finds its way to my mouth.

**I’m done packing, but yes, come pick me.** 

I go down to get something from the fridge to eat before leaving. I hear moaning coming from the kitchen. 

Opening the door, I see Dylan having threesome with two cheerleaders from school. Seriously so my brother can’t just be normal? I get it, he’s fit and nothing like me so girls love him. 

I close the door and just while I’m about going up to my room, I hear the door bell… Guessing its Aiden, I go upstairs, grab my bags and then open the door.

“Let’s go.” I say while shutting the door. He looks shocked but for a second. “You can’t wait to stay with me already?”

Without saying anything else, I drag him to the car and we drive over to his house.

Author’s Note.

Hey, its not a chapter, I just want to say thanks to all reading this book right now. Its still crappy as I’m a beginner but I promise you it will get better as time goes on.

Comment your hobby or anything you enjoy doing for fun let’s get to know each other better.

Who else loves chocolate? Or wild adventure? Let me notice you.








Let’s make a deal.

Chapter one.

I walk into  the room and meet my brother having hot sex with the school’s bitch. Tf is wrong with both of them!

I immediately close the door and go back to my room. I wanted to ask if I could drive his car to the mail but he’s obviously too busy to notice.

I grab his car keys from the key rack and head for the mall. I need to go out as fast as possible because I hate the image still playing in my head. Its not the first time I’ve seen my brother having sex tho.. But it made me imagine myself having sex. I’m an all round virgin up to my lips… Yeah that’s right…  No one wants to kiss a skinny girl. According to Emma (bitch) I would break if a guy tried holding me tightly while kissing me.

I took what she told me serious. She wasn’t fat but fit and perfect. The guys loved her.

My dad was saying something about taking my mom for a surprise party…well honey moon…this morning. They’ve been married for thirty years now, that long and yeah… They’ve been through a lot.

The thought of having this home to myself and Dylan drives me crazy… It would be party all the time and I cannot yes, I can’t stay. The parties won’t end and so would the girls.

I’m awkward for a twin. But that’s not my doing💁💁💁 I just like the things he doesn’t like and that makes us argue most times.

I reach the mall just in time to meet my best friend. She is traveling out with her dad and needs some new clothes so we came shopping. I could also use some new clothes tho.

“Hey nasty bitch” Mallory screams……. Meet my best friend who could use cuss words in public and still feel normal…

I roll my eyes and move over to her.

“So are you going to stay in that house with Dylan when your parents go?” Mallory asks while picking a red dress and throwing it at me.

I’ve been avoiding that question as I have no idea where to go. I would have stayed with Mallory but now she’s leaving the country.

Maybe I can….

“Bitch, you can rent an apartment!” Mallory screames and shakes me vigorously while knocking me out of my thinking. By now, you will be thinking bitch is my name… Hell no! My name’s Danielle… My parents ran out of option while thinking of twin names for the both of us. So they gave us what ever they felt was okay.

Now back to Mallory. She is currently typing forcefully on her tab and smiles at me a little before going back to her tab

What is she up to? I move closer to her as I see her dial Aiden’s number….

“What are you doing!” I try to drag the phone but I’m  too late.

“Hello Aiden, can Danielle be your roommate for two weeks? You can throw her out after then.” I freeze. That was my fucking crush since third grade but never noticed me.

He played the virginator’s game where he joined other guys depriving the female of their virginity. Mine was still intact tho.

I hear something like a sure from his end and see Mallory do her crazy head dance like I wasn’t about to kill her.

“What have you done!”